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AIR IS FREE…until you compress it!   Our support doesn’t end when you buy your system.  This is just the beginning for our partnership.  Compressed Air Solutions provides a wide array of support services from installation, commissioning, routine and preventative maintenance, project management, implementation management and 24/7 service/support.


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CAS is also qualified to service Atlas Copco

CAS is also qualified to service Compair

CAS is also qualified to service FSCurtis

CAS is also qualified to service Gardner denver

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CAS is also qualified to service Hydrovane

CAS is also qualified to service Ingersoll Rand

CAS is also qualified to service Joy

CAS is also qualified to service Kaeser Compressors

CAS is also qualified to service Sullair

Industrial Air Compressors

As a premiere distributor for Chicago Pneumatic, we want to show you why CP compressors are known for reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility. At Compressed Air Solutions, we offer a variety of options for your compressor needs. Our experienced team can assist you in choosing exactly the right compressor. Whether you’re just starting out and you need one that can grow with your company, or you are replacing an old one at an already-established business, Compressed Air Solutions can help.  Reach out today for more information on getting a durable, reliable, and well-built air compressor for industrial applications.

Industrial Air Dryers

Which contaminant is the most problematic? In reality oil is not the major problem everyone thinks it is, the prolific contaminant is in fact water. Moisture is damaging and causes problems in the operation of pneumatic systems.  In almost every operation, clean, dry compressed air will result in lower operating costs.  A careful examination of your facility’s compressed air system will likely reveal several opportunities to improve the performance of your system by effectively and efficiently removing moisture that may be present by installing the correct compressed air dryer

Nitrogen Generation

Save energy and improve quality with compressed air and nitrogen. Nitrogen gas provides a number of diverse uses for a wide variety of manufacturers. As a sister function of compressed air, on-site nitrogen generation can provide additional opportunities for cost savings and other efficiencies for manufacturers who shift from delivered liquid nitrogen service. With over 10 years expertise in servicing Nitrogen Generation Systems, let Compressed Air Solutions help you take control of your Nitrogen costs.

Breathing Air

Why purify compressed air?  In recent years, employers have become increasingly aware of their responsibility to comply with International Breathing Air Standards. The standards define the quality of breathing air that must be provided to operators working in contaminated environments.

Light Duty Air Compressors

For light duty use, you can use a lighter-duty pump design in your air compressor. These are perfect for the homeowner and small business owners. These compressors are virtually maintenance free. Lighter-duty air compressors are usually constructed using aluminum. They come in a variety of voltages with horizontal or vertical tanks..

Air Audits

Air Audits can help identify inefficiencies in your compressed air system and outline system performance optimization, leak reduction and practical air management processes.  Clean Dry Air is essential for many different types of applications.  Air compressors draw in large volumes of air from the surrounding atmosphere containing contaminants.  Your company can benefit from our services to help identify and assess leaks, over-pressurization, bad piping,  insufficient storage and help you understand what it actually costs to operate your compressed air system.